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Pygmalion Day Four Pt. 1

September 19, 2009

Pygmalion Music FestivalI decided to start my day off early today and get out the record stores to see the in-store sessions that were taking place all afternoon.

Honestly, what is better than visiting the best record stores in town and seeing bands play live while you are there? I contend that there is not much that is indeed better. I was able to snag a couple records at a good price while I was out today, furthering my opinion of this beautiful late summer afternoon.

The first band I saw on the afternoon was Elsinore. I had been in attendance at their after party playing and I was pleased that their set only included a few of the same songs from that early morning performance.

These local boys create a poppy indie-folk sound that is very satisfying to listen to. Lead singer Ryan Groff’s voice at times trails in to Jonsi Birgisson-esque beauty and his sweet whistling adds an Andrew Bird quality to their songs. Their brief set at Exile on Main Street was fun and even the children in the audience began bobbing their heads from the top of their parents shoulders.

Zach May and the Maps, another local band, followed Elsinore at Exile. The folk group utilized a trio of strings, an acoustic guitar and a cajon for rhythm, and as would be expected, their sound was unique and enjoyable. Unfortunately Zach May’s stage presence was a bit lacking, so I left he and his Maps shortly before their set was scheduled to end to head to Parasol Records.

I made it in time to see fellow local musicians You & Yourn. I had just missed them the night before at Channing Murray but heard good things about their set. Though they played a similar set to the night before due to organist Heather Dillon’s current illness, their music was impressive. They played a short collection of simple singer/songwriter style folk songs that featured pleasant harmonies. What I did hear from them peaked my interest to find out more about the local duo.

New Ruins, yet another local band, took the impromptu stage set up in the record store after You & Yourn wrapped up. The band did their best Son Volt impersonation and I was rather pleased with their music. It had a familiarity to it, but it didn’t sound like a rip-off. Their gentle country-rock songs were sunny and likable.

After New Ruins finished playing I decided to take my recent purchases back home and refuel for an exciting night of Iron and Wine, Ra Ra Riot and RJD2. I’ll post some more about the evenings’ festivities later tonight/tomorrow morning.

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