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First Transference single available for listening at NPR

November 30, 2009

The ever quirky Austin band Spoon will be releasing their seventh studio album Transference on January 19th via Merge Records. However, you no longer have to wait to hear the first single, “Written in Reverse,” thanks to the good folks at All Songs Considered.

The song was made available exclusively to NPR for their November 30th episode of the popular music program. Listen to the podcast or check out the episode info and listen to the song alone by clicking here.

As for the song, it’s certainly a departure from Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. It’s peppy and bouncy and a lot of fun. Between urgent screams lead singer Britt Daniel hauntingly sings out “I want to show you how I love you, but there’s nothing there,” chilling the listener with his coldness. Daniel’s sickly distorted guitar accentuates the feeling that there is something that the music isn’t telling us.  The subtle juxtaposition between the lightheartedness of the music and the dark tone of the lyrics that really make this song special.

The song breaks down after an extended jam and then kicks back, full gear, after a jazzy little piano riff on the high notes, easily my favorite part of the song. Every little thing that I notice when I listen just plays with my ears and truly delights.

The astute listener will hear that the All Songs Considered DJ seems very enthused by this album and even goes so far as to suggest that this might be the best album that Spoon has ever made.

That kind of praise has put my eagerness to hear this album at an entirely new level. I can hardly wait, this one song, as good as it may be, just isn’t going to cut it. January 19th can’t come fast enough.

Skip the middleman and listen to “Written In Reverse” right here.

Written in Reverse

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