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“Nothing Like You” is new, yet familiar

January 7, 2010

Scottish rockers Frightened Rabbit have confirmed that the second single from their March 1st release The Winter of Mixed Drinks, “Nothing Like You.” It will be released on Fat Cat Records as a 7″ single on February 22nd.

The song is currently streaming on their MySpace page ahead of it’s release. The first single, “Swim Until You Can’t See Land,” was released on Dec. 15th featuring the b-side “Fun Stuff.” “Nothing Like You” will have another non-album track, “Learned Your Name.”

“Nothing Like You” exhibits the same progress evident on “Swim.” It is fast paced and energetic and maybe even a bit more optimistic.

Lead singer Scott Hutchinson’s heart is still bleeding, but this song finds him with a new love interest. Of course, his new romance does comes with a qualifier, because the song hearkens back to the lost love of Midnight Organ Fight claiming she is “nothing like you.”

The song is a great example of the the FR charm: it feels as if any minute the song could go badly, not musically but lyrically, and yet it is as endearing and lovely as ever.

The pace of this song is not blistering but it’s not like any of the songs from MOF either. The faster songs from their debut, “Fast Blood” and “I Feel Better” for instance, have a completely different aesthetic to them.

Along with “Swim” (which, I might add, is a 7″ worth buying), “Nothing Like You” is setting the bar high and increasing anticipation for the next FR album. March 1 seems so far away.

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