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Hype Machine creates the ultimate meta-list

January 9, 2010

I don’t know if you’ve ever ventured or stumbled upon Hype Machine, but as far as music blogs go, it might be the coolest one around. Not because it is a music blog, but because it finds the best of every music blog and makes it available at the click of a mouse.

Since bloggers love nothing more than to list their favorite whatever from the past year, Hype Machine has complied the end-all-be-all of year end lists by counting up the votes on each blog and ranking 2009’s albums thusly.

If you have not checked this out yet, you are missing out. It is not only one of the coolest year end lists available but it also is probably the best designed list out there. The graphics used by the good folks at Hype Machine are top notch, and look fantastic. As a bonus, the site links to blogs who have mentioned albums in their lists, which allows you to find many great new blogs (as well as sent quite a few readers here).

I feel greatly honored that they chose my quote about The Antlers’ Hospice to adorn their entry for that album, and I strongly encourage anyone reading this to go check out their entire top 50. Click the picture below to see the list in it’s entirety.

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