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The tragic loss of ‘Indie’

January 26, 2010

Mayonnaise and Pabst Blue Ribbon: The two major indie food groups. Image from Paste Magazine.

Indie music died. It was announced by Paste Magazine writer Rachael Maddux at 7:30 am January 26.

Cause of death: semantics.

There is quite a wonderful article over at Paste today lamenting the state of independent, or “indie,” music. Name ostensibly reports that the pseudo-genre has met it’s end and provides a few thousand words and few dozen sources to back up his assertation.

If you have a bit of time I would highly recommend reading this article. It is very well thought out and researched. Kudos to Paste for once again finding the best thing to write about and having the balls to rip apart exactly whats selling their magazine.

My favorite quote from the whole thing:

“Perhaps, like the “greenwashing” that’s spread in the wake of the eco-chic movement, we’ll dub this “indiewashing.” Still, we’re left wondering how this particular sensibility (the fey instrumentation, the aw-shucks cutesiness and all that goddamn hand-lettering) has become broadly synonymous with “indie.” Apparently, this is just what happens when you tell anyone they can make music—screw the mainstream, screw the man, screw labels, screw lessons, screw context—and then give them the thrift-store instruments, a bootleg copy of Pro Tools and the MySpace page with which to do it.”

And this gem:

“Everyone is out there searching for the next big thing, but it’ll never be the next big thing on the scale Nirvana was,” Stosuy says. “It’s Wavves, which is a little depressing in context.”

Read the whole thing here.

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