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New Arcade Fire tracks

May 26, 2010

After months of anticipation and a very (very) brief leak the first songs from the upcoming Arcade Fire 12″ is out.

Pitchfork has all kinds of various news updates about the single, but what is really important, of course, are the songs themselves. The first song, “The Suburbs,” feels lighthearted and poppy, almost the opposite of “Month of May,” the second song from the 12″.

The lyrics of “The Suburbs” paint the picture of a urban dystopia running opposite the jaunty nature of the pop music they are set to. Steadily pounding piano and acoustic guitar backed by the traditionally delicate and intricate Arcade Fire instrumentation make the song seem familiar, but distinctly new.

“Month of May” provides a stark contrast, musically, to “The Suburbs.” It hits heavy from the very beginning with it’s chugging Ramones-esque guitar that seem to be more fitted for it’s companion on the 12″ single.

Win Butler’s voice and the lovely harmonies of his conspirators are the same we’ve heard before, but this one feels all new. The vocals have the same urgency that were present on “Antichrist Television Blues” mixed with the dour nature of “My Body is a Cage,” the addition of a synthesizer also lends an eerie nature to the song that reminds of “Cage.”

The songs, however, need to be heard by one and all, so without further ado I present them both courtesy Consequence of Sound:

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